Gina Happy Thanksgiving

This holiday is always a special one for my family. Yesterday we visited Baffoni’s Poultry Farm in Johnston where we picked out the 20-pound turkey we’re roasting today. There are incredible food options in Rhode Island, and I encourage you to try lots this holiday season.

Our food is one of the many blessings I’m thankful for in our state. I’ve always been proud and grateful for the community and togetherness I’ve seen from so many in Rhode Island. We need that now more than ever.

So many of our neighbors feel insecure and afraid right now. We need to show Rhode Island’s spirit and strength — we need to act with the values our state was founded on: tolerance, acceptance and freedom.

So today — and for the rest of this holiday season and beyond — cook with your family. Enjoy time with your friends. Be the best neighbor you can be. Counter fear with hope. Fight hatred with goodness. Give thanks, and hope, and anything else you can.

Because our state will move forward, together — and leave no one behind.

Many thanks,


Shop local this holiday season

Message for Thanksgiving Day “Enjoy your family and friends, put your phone down for a little while and just relax. Be grateful, let’s be grateful for the men & women that serve in uniform, our veterans and also this Thanksgiving in particular, let’s remember that Rhode Island was founded on values of tolerance and let’s be good neighbors. Let’s be kind and thoughtful to our neighbors and just enjoy the holidays together and eat a lot of turkey!”