PROVIDENCE, RI – This evening, Governor Raimondo will attend a graduation ceremony for 10,000 Small Businesses, an innovative program she’s brought to Rhode Island that has helped more than 200 Rhode Island small business owners create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. Since taking office, Governor Raimondo has created a number of initiatives through her Commerce Department to strengthen Rhode Island’s small business environment.


Despite proven results, Allan Fung and Joe Trillo have both promised to gut Governor Raimondo’s successful economic development programs, including the small business loan programs and the innovative 10,000 Small Businesses partnership. Their partisan pandering will put thousands of Rhode Islanders’ jobs at risk and threaten hundreds of small businesses.


“Governor Raimondo created the state’s first small business loan program, established the nation’s first statewide 10,000 Small Businesses partnership, and has cut taxes, cut regulations and cut red tape. She’s bringing the change that small businesses need. Because of that, more Rhode Islanders started a business this year than last year. But that won’t stop Allan Fung from rooting against Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders,” said Raimondo campaign Senior Advisor Mike Raia. “Mayor Fung and Joe Trillo will eliminate the successful small business programs Gina’s put in place and put the jobs these local companies have created at risk. Even more, Allan Fung’s decade-long record of raising taxes will make it harder for entrepreneurs to thrive in Rhode Island. Allan tries to hide his failed record with photo opps and hashtags, but Rhode Island entrepreneurs and business owners see right through it. They know that the Mayor’s opposition to Gina’s investments in job training and access to capital will set them back.”