Five Labor Groups Endorse Regunberg for Lt. Gov

 Five Labor Groups Endorse Regunberg for Lt. Gov

PROVIDENCE – State Rep. Aaron Regunberg, a Democratic candidate for
Lieutenant Governor, today won the support of five important labor groups –
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 1199 New England, Teamsters
Local 251, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 618, the International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2323, and Rhode Island
Working Families Party.

The endorsements by these organizations, which together represent more
than eighteen
thousand Rhode Islanders, provide more early momentum for Regunberg’s
campaign, which last week was endorsed by three statewide environmental
groups. The politically active labor groups will promote Regunberg with
their members, along with other activities to support his candidacy.

Matt Taibi, Secretary Treasurer for Teamsters Local 251, said, “Our union
strongly supports Aaron Regunberg for lieutenant governor because he is a
proven change agent for working and middle-class families at a time when
the system is increasingly rigged against us. Rep. Regunberg has been a
leader on many issues our members care about. He increased the minimum wage
for tipped workers for the first time in 20 years, and his advocacy in the
legislature secured earned sick days for over 100,000 families who never
before had that security.”

Shirley Lomba, a member and political organizer for district 1199 SEIU New
England said, «1199 is proud to endorse Aaron Regunberg for Lt. Governor
because he has walked the walk when it comes to standing with caregivers
and working people in Rhode Island.» Lomba, a Certified Nursing Assistant
and Certified Medical Technician at the historic Bannister House nursing
home, said, «Aaron understands that investing in Medicaid is necessary to
provide quality care and to pay caregivers a living wage.»

Georgia Hollister-Isman, State Director for Rhode Island Working Families
Party, said, “Rep. Regunberg has led winning, grassroots campaigns to
support working families, reform our criminal justice system, and expand
renewable energy. That’s the kind of energy and experience we need. Making
sure Aaron is our next Lieutenant Governor will be a top priority for Rhode
Island Working Families in the 2018 election cycle.”

Steven Murphy, Business Manager for IBEW Local 2323, said, “Our members are
enthusiastically supporting Aaron Regunberg for lieutenant governor,
because he is the only candidate who has actually been there for working
people. He has a record of delivering change for our families. Corporate
special interests can hire lobbyists to get their way. Aaron will be a
voice for all the Rhode Islanders who can’t afford a State House lobbyist.
That’s why IBEW 2323 members have decided to endorse him.”

Thomas Cute, President and Business Agent for ATU Local 618, said, “After
reviewing the candidates’ records, the working men and women of ATU Local
618 have chosen Aaron Regunberg as the best candidate for lieutenant
governor. Working families need a voice in the State House and leaders who
will bring people together. Aaron Regunberg supports public transportation,
and he is the only candidate for lieutenant governor who has dedicated his
life to speaking out for people who can’t afford high-priced lobbyists –
and winning results.”

Aaron Regunberg proudly accepted the endorsements. “These endorsements
reinforce our campaign’s message about fighting for a future that is fair
for all of us,” he said. “Standing up for the middle-class and those
struggling to get by has been my top priority, and I am excited to continue
fighting to win real change for working people as Lieutenant Governor.”