The First Real Step towards Federal Tax Relief


Providence: State Rep Bobby Nardolillo, a Republican candidate for the US Senate, responded to questions regarding his position on the proposed federal tax plan. He cautioned the press. «This is only the first step in a long journey.» In fact, the framework for House legislation released this week will be subject to changes and amendments as it evolves into its final form.

«I am encouraged.» The Candidate said. «That the discussion in Washington is focusing on much needed tax relief for middle class families and small businesses.» He acknowledged the need to let ordinary Americans use more of their income on their own, without the Government interceding to make the decision for them. «We also have to craft an economic environment in which American Businesses are not operating at a worldwide cost disadvantage based on the Corporate Taxes they have to pay here at home.»

That said, Nardolillo also noted that there are vocal constituencies that stand against a number of the proposed features of the plan floated this week. On these questions Bobby counseled calm for now. «What we have today is a broad proposal. The House Mark-Up process will both add to it and subtract from it.» He noted. «In ten days the House may pass its version of the plan, and the Senate may do something similar by Thanksgiving. Then a Conference Committee will resolve differences so the two chambers can pass the same language.» Nardolillo emphasized that the best time to review the measure is after the Senate Vote and before the Conference Committee starts its work. «That’s when public comment will have its greatest influence on the finished product.»

Bobby pledged to keep the goal of middle class tax relief firmly in mind as he evaluates the plan before it gets to the President’s desk.

Bobby Nardolillo is a working Rhode Islander, born and bred, who is taking time out to run for the US Senate because of his conviction that government at all levels has failed its taxpaying constituents. He intends to build on his two terms in the General Assembly to bring both legislative experience and new blood to Washington, DC. Follow his campaign on the web at, or on Facebook at ‘Bobby 4 Senate 2018.’