Evo Morales Meets With U.S. Congressmen In Search Of Better Relations

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, met on Thursday with United States Congressmen with the aim of improving relations between the two countries.

«We are here to restore relations, the national Government has no problem, if there is respect between the two countries to restore ambassadors, hopefully we can make arrangements before your Government», Morales told the delegation, led by Democratic Senator Tom Harkin.

«This country is making great strides, we have come to talk about how we can be partners in this progress in this great country,» said the Senator for his part.

Both countries have lived several diplomatic disagreements in recent years.

In 2008, Bolivia expelled the Ambassador of the country and members of the drug enforcement agency of United States (DEA) acusandolos of interfering in domestic affairs.

The same thing happened last year when Morales announced the expulsion from the country of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID).


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