E-911 System Fully Operational After Problems with Phone System Interfered with Calls


SCITUATE, RI - The Rhode Island Emergency 911 is fully operational after technical
issues interrupted communications for earlier tonight. Officials are still
investigating the cause of the problem, which prevented people from being able to
communicate with E-911 dispatchers for about an hour.

Rhode Island State Police Capt. John Allen said officials from the Department of
Public Safety and E-911 are trying to identify the source of the problem, which was
first identified around 7:55 p.m. All lines were reported fully functional by 8:55

Captain Allen said between 30 and 40 calls were made to 911 during that time period.
The dispatchers who answered the calls could hear the caller speaking, but the
caller could not hear the dispatcher responding to the call. The dispatchers used
caller ID to call back everyone who called during that period.

Rhode Island State Police also used traditional and social media to encourage people
who had an emergency situation to contact their local police or fire department
directly until the situation was resolved.

Captain Allen said there is no immediate indication of any suspicious activity
involving the 911 phone lines, however he said the cause of the problem is still