Curt Schilling says he’ll run for president of the United State in 2024, Rhode Island?

RI – Reporters ask the Governor about Curt Schilling, “So Curt Schilling is in the news again; he said he wants to run for elected office. What is your initial thought on that?
Governor responds “He will have to make that decision.

Schilling who left Rhode Island taxpayers on the hook for a $75-million state-loan guarantee after his 38 Studios video-game venture went belly-up – decided to make a dig at Rhode Island politics and say we continue to elect corrupt officials, so what would you say or what are your thoughts?”

Governor responded, “Well seeing how I am still cleaning up the mess that he made here in Rhode Island and fighting to get tax dollars back to the people of Rhode Island. Aw, I, people around here aren’t such a fan so; but if decides to run, the best of luck.”