Cranston Police to Launch Security Camera Registry

Rhode Island – The Cranston Police Department is proud to announce the launch of a new and voluntary private security camera registry program. This program will enable residents and business owners to “virtually” partner with the police department and notify us that they are using private security cameras to keep their properties safe. In the event of criminal activity in a neighborhood, patrol officers and investigators can review the registry and reach out to residents and businesses that may have these cameras and ask to review their contents to seek leads to help solve crimes.
“It is a proven fact that the public serves as a force multiplier when assisting police departments with the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes that occur in our neighborhoods,” said Colonel Michael J. Winquist, Chief of Police. “Due to the reduction of costs and increased availability of quality video camera surveillance equipment, more home owners and businesses have made this investment to protect their property. The arrest of suspects in several crimes in Cranston can directly be attributed to video surveillance footage that was shared with our police department. Our camera registry program will allow our investigators to be aware of locations where video cameras may be located contemporaneously to when a crime is reported, greatly saving time which is of the essence when pursuing suspects and preserving evidence.”
Participation in the camera registry program is completely voluntary. The Cranston Police Department will only access camera footage after an incident has occurred and only with the permission of the camera owner. The police will not be able to access the camera remotely or in real time. Camera owners may leave the registry at any time. To register for the Cranston Police Department’s camera registry program, go to:
Questions about the program can be directed to Captain Vincent McAteer of the Department’s Office of Community Outreach (401) 477-5127.