Cranston Police Investigating Drowning

On August 24, 2016 at 4:59 pm Cranston Police and Fire were contacted through 911 for a missing swimmer. Fire and rescue responded to the Ark Wright Bridge spanning the Pawtuxet River. First responders were informed a 27 year old male was swimming with friends when he began to show distress. Friends attempted to assist the swimmer but were unable to save him. Upon arriving Cranston and Hope Jackson Fire Departments immediately entered the water in search of the missing swimmer. The effort was soon joined by rescue units from Warwick, Central Coventry, South Kingston and Smithfield.
After a ninety minute search Cranston Fire department reported they were able to locate the body in 10 feet of water. The victim was identified as Alexander Higham of West Warwick. Cranston and Coventry investigators are investigating the incident.