Cranston Police arrest fourth Cranston High School West student on firearm charges as a result of a new information

Colonel Michael J. Winquist, Chief of Police, announces the arrest of a fourth Cranston High School West student on firearm charges after new information was developed this morning that a 15 year old student allegedly brought a firearm into the school on Monday where he kept it in his locker.

Earlier this week, three students at Cranston High School West were arrested and charged with bringing a firearm onto school property. This morning, new information was brought to the attention of the police department’s school resource officer assigned to Cranston High School West and school administrators. It is alleged that a student associated with the three previous students charged on Tuesday, had allegedly stored a handgun in his school locker on Monday, September 26, 2016. Based on the description of the firearm observed in the locker on Monday, it is believed the aforementioned handgun is the same gun seized by Officers on Tuesday afternoon.

The juvenile will be presented before the Rhode Island Family Court on the following charges:
• Possession of a Firearm on School Grounds
• Possession of Firearm of By a Minor
• License or Permit Required for Carrying a Pistol