Conservative leaders mourn the passing of Phyllis Schlafly with the following statements


“Today, the pro-life movement lost a hero, Phyllis Schlafly. Mrs. Schlafly not only
helped the Republican Party become pro-life in the 1980s, but spent the remainder of
her life ensuring it remained so. I was honored to be trained to work on the
platform under Phyllis’s wing and was able to witness, first-hand, how she fought to
maintain its pro-life status. It is fitting that the current platform has the
strongest pro-life policies ever. We are a better nation thanks to the work of
Phyllis Schlafly – she was a role model for conservatives of all ages and stripes.
We are praying for her family.”
Tom McClusky,
Vice President of Government Affairs March For Life Education & Defense Fund.

“Phyllis Schlafly was of the giants of the American conservative movement. Her
legacy helped conservatives understand they had a choice and were not simply an
echo. She battled, she won, she confounded the radical left wing feminists time and
again. Frankly, she was smarter and tougher than the liberals she fought and
conquered so joyously. The defeat of the so called Equal Rights Amendment stands as
but one of many monuments to her legacy. Still, she was always refined, always
charming. Ronald Reagan liked her and said so in his diaries. Phyllis Schlafly,
First Lady of the American conservative movement, RIP.»
Craig Shirley,
Presidential historian & Reagan biographer

“Phyllis Schlafly’s contributions to conservative thought are many, but one concept
from “A Choice Not An Echo” still resonates as no other.”

““America is best served when the two great political parties compete with one
another to the fullest possible extent consistent with ethical conduct”, concluded
Mrs. Schlafly. It was in the forum of vigorous political debate that the United
States Constitution was hammered out by the Founding Fathers. Lincoln rose to
greatness from the platform of hard-hitting partisan debates with Stephen A. Douglas
over issues that were just as important to our country’s survival as any issues

“Like trials,” said Schlafly, “political campaigns should be competitive and
adversarial and the Republican Party has a historic duty to compete on all policy
issues to give the American people a choice of conservative solutions, not an echo
of progressive failures.”
Richard Viguerie,

“Phyllis Schlafly was a courageous defender of liberty for all Americans especially
those who have no voice. Alongside Concerned Women for America, her heart’s desire
was to defend each member of the American family, from conception to natural death.
We are grateful for her influence in America politics, her fight against Communist
dictators and her education of grassroots women on the importance of constitutional
and free market principles. There will never be another Phyllis Schlafly. She
possessed and exceptional intellect and a kind heart. She will be greatly missed.”
Penny Young Nance, President
Concerned Women of America

“With the passing of the incomparable and indefatigable Phyllis Schlafly, another of
the Founders of the modern conservative movement has left us. Her life’s work will
now be carried on by a new generation.

“Richard Viguerie said it well when he coined the phrase “the First Lady of American
Conservatism” to describe her. There may never be another quite like her, yet her
work will go on. Her legacy is secure in the political and intellectual history of
the nation she so loved.
Colin Hanna, Co-Chairman
Coalitions for America