Clean Air Settlement with R.I. Chemical Manufacturer will Minimize Emissions

 Clean Air Settlement with R.I. Chemical Manufacturer will Minimize Emissions

BOSTON – An EPA settlement will require that a Rhode Island chemical manufacturing
company take multiple actions designed to minimize air emissions and protect air
quality near the facility and in the surrounding community.

The company, Mereco Technologies Group, Inc., has agreed to settle EPA claims that
the company neither complied with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air
Pollutants for Chemical Manufacturing Area Sources, nor applied for a necessary R.I.
Clean Air Act permit. In addition to a $60,000 penalty, the settlement requires that
the company apply for an air permit and take steps to reduce emissions and ensure
compliance with air pollution regulations.

Mereco Technologies Group operates a specialty chemical manufacturing facility at
1505 Main Street in West Warwick, R.I. Mereco or its subsidiary Metachem Resins
Corporation have operated at the location since 1978.

Chemical manufacturing operations are regulated to avoid excess emissions of
hazardous air pollutants, which are a class of pollutants that are known or
suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. These health effects can
include damage to the immune system, as well as neurological, reproductive,
developmental, respiratory and other health problems.

As part of the settlement, Mereco will, among other things: install covers on mixing
vessels containing hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and/or volatile organic compounds
(VOC); record monthly and annual HAP usage; conduct quarterly monitoring of all
process vessels using EPA approved methods; and cap HAP and VOC emissions facility

The enforcement action grew out of a joint EPA and RIDEM inspection and a thorough
review of facility records. In Feb. 2014, EPA notified Mereco of EPA’s allegations
of potential violations. Since being notified, Mereco has worked cooperatively with
EPA to address the alleged violations and reach a settlement.