City to Resume Road Repaving and Street Sweeping


Pawtucket – The Pawtucket Department of Public Works will resume its aggressive road
repaving initiative starting on Monday, March 28th at 7:00AM.

The first repaving efforts of the spring will take place on School Street beginning
at Rosewood Street and continuing up to Nassau Street. Construction on each road
segment is typically completed over a span of two weeks, weather permitting.
Roadways are first milled with a machine which removes the top surface of the
pavement. Once that top surface of pavement is removed, the Department of Public
Works returns to lay the top surface of asphalt. Signage will be posted along the
street when work is to be performed. We ask that you please observe the parking
restrictions so that we can efficiently conduct the work and minimize the impact to
the City’s residents.

Many of our streets and roadways have been neglected for too long and will require
significant repair work. Residents are advised that construction progress may also
bring dust and noise but the temporary inconvenience will create better and safer
roads for years to come, while also paving the way for future economic growth.

«This repaving project is a continuation of the City’s effort to reinvest in public
infrastructure and public safety through a voter-approved initiative that has seen
more than thirty miles of Pawtucket’s roadways thus far and is part of the City’s
plan to repair and upgrade all streets citywide,» stated Mayor Grebien of the

Additionally, street sweeping will resume on Friday, April 1st to remove salt, sand
and debris from our City streets that are left from the winter months. Street
sweeping will take place on the first and third Monday of each month. More
information about street sweeping and the schedule can be found on the City website: