City of Providence to implement six additional Portable Camera Unit’s at new locations throughout school zones within the city

Providence, RI- Mayor Elorza, Commissioner Paré and Colonel Clements announce the deployment of six additional Portable Camera Unit (PCU) speed cameras throughout Providence, specifically in school zones, to provide increased public safety measures for both pedestrians and drivers.

The new locations for the PCU’s are Arlington Avenue from Freeman Parkway to Humboldt Avenue, Laurel Hill Avenue from Plainfield Street to Hartford Avenue, Elmgrove Avenue from Laurel Avenue to Rochambeau Avenue, Blackstone Boulevard/Butler Avenue from President Avenue to South Angell Street, Chalkstone Avenue from Lisbon Street to Smith Street and Douglas Avenue from Douglas Avenue to Veazie Street. All proper signage will be placed at the new locations before the cameras are operational and enforcement is slated to begin on March 5, 2018.

If a vehicle is determined by the PCU to be operating 10 or more miles over the speed limit, a violation will automatically be issued. The violation will then be reviewed by Providence Police Officers and Conduent, an outside partner who manages and maintains the cameras. Once the violation is reviewed for accuracy and the information is verified, it is then mailed to the offender for payment. The first and each subsequent fine is $95.00.

PCU’s are currently operating on Mount Pleasant Avenue at Mount Pleasant High School, Thurbers Avenue from Eddy Street to Prairie Avenue, Charles Street from Silver Spring Street to Branch Avenue, Daniel Avenue from Harlam Street to Ethan Street and Peace Street from Elmwood Avenue to Bucklin Street.