City of Pawtucket Announces Warming Centers

 City of Pawtucket Announces Warming Centers

Pawtucket – The City of Pawtucket announced today that several sites will be
available as warming centers beginning today, February 12th through Sunday, February
14th, to help cope with the predicted extreme cold.

The following local buildings will be open to the public Thursday through Saturday
during the times listed below:

• The Pawtucket Police Department Headquarters lobby at 121 Roosevelt
Avenue is available 24 hours-a-day, Saturday and Sunday.

• The Blackstone Valley Visitor Center, 175 Main Street is open from
Monday through Sunday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

• The Pawtucket Public Library at 13 Summer Street is available on
Saturday from 9:00AM to 4:45 PM

Non-emergency telephone numbers for police (727-9100) and fire (725-1424) are
available for people affected by the cold to call if they may need to arrange for

Seniors with heat-related concerns may also contact the staff at the Leon Mathieu
Senior Center at 401-728-7582 or the City’s Senior Liaison, Beth Roberge, at
728-0500 ext. 241.