City Council Members’ Statements Regarding Mayor Cianci’s Passing

«Today is a sad day as our city mourns the loss of its longest-serving mayor,» said
Council President Luis Aponte. «We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and
friends. Mayor Cianci’s shadow looms large over the City of Providence. His
brilliant mind, charisma, passion, and love for Providence are woven into his
legacy. »

«This is a tremendous loss,» said Majority Leader Kevin Jackson. «He had a great
vision for our city and he will be deeply missed.»

«I’m in deep sorrow,» said Councilman Terrence Hassett. «For me, this is a great
loss. He was a personal friend for many years, and I’m sincerely going to miss his
counsel and his advice on the challenging issues we face every day in city
government and city life.»

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