Cicilline Votes to Restore Full Funding and Service of U.S. Postal Service

In emergency session, House Democrats vote to overrule Postmaster General DeJoy’s “operational changes”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01), Chairman of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee voted to fully restore the “operational changes” and fully fund the United States Postal Service. Earlier in the day, he spoke on the House floor about this important vote.

David N. Cicilline

Protecting the USPS

August 22, 2020

Madam speaker, thank you to the extraordinary men and women who serve us in the United States Postal Service.

I rise today to highlight President Trump’s shameless attempts to degrade the United States Postal Service, a revered American institution.

These actions not only undermine our elections, they’re gambling with people’s lives.

These past several weeks, I’ve received thousands of emails, calls, and letters from constituents pleading that these changes be reversed.

Just this week I heard from a constituent with diabetes who feared her family was at risk of losing their insurance after learning her payment had arrived a month late after it was mailed.

Her story is sadly one of many being heard across the nation.

COVID-19 has already brought on significant financial trouble for so many families. To further hurt working families now facing late fees on rent or car payments through no fault of their own is unconscionable.

House Democrats have promised to get government working for the people and today’s bill is another example of that commitment.

Everybody loves the post office. It has been with us since the founding of our country knitting together communities, and this attempt to undermine and degrade services is not only undermining services to our constituents is threatening our democracy, and with that Madam Speaker, I yield back.