Cicilline Discusses Latest in Special Counsel Investigation on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


PAWTUCKET – U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) joined Wolf Blitzer this
evening to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, as well
as unprecedented efforts by Republicans in Washington to discredit the FBI.

«Well, I think it’s clear that the Special Counsel has interviewed a number of
people in the President’s inner circle that have first-hand knowledge of what the
President did and said, and what was in the President’s mind when he fired James
Comey and Michael Flynn. I think that the Special Counsel is likely to ask Mr.
Bannon about the President’s conversations, about what the President said or did. I
think it’s clear the Special Counsel is focused in on the reason that the President
fired the Director of the FBI and you look at the statements and declarations and
actions he’s taken that really point to an effort to really impede or undermine an
ongoing criminal investigation…Michael Flynn was working at the White House at the
time, and I think Mr. Bannon will have a lot to shed on this issue as well. No
question about it.»

«What we don’t know is the other half of the investigation about collusion between
the Trump campaign and the Russians. So we don’t know whether that’s concluded or
whether that’s ongoing. But clearly this part of the investigation is very focused
on whether or not the President attempted to impede or interfere or slow down, or in
any way interfere improperly with an ongoing investigation. There’s obviously a lot
of evidence that that is the case. The President’s own admission that he asked the
FBI Director to sort of let this Flynn thing go, that he asked Comey to be loyal to
him, and when he was not satisfied that he would be, he fired him in connection with
the Russian thing, as he said in his own words. There is a lot of evidence that
would suggest that, but I think that’s clearly the focus of the ongoing inquiry by
the Special Counsel.»

«I think [the so-called ‘Nunes memo’] is part of a larger effort, sadly, of our
Republican colleagues, many of whom have attacked the FBI, attacked the Justice
Department, doing everything they can to undermine this very important
investigation. The men and women of the FBI are professionals. They risk their lives
fighting terrorism all over this country and around the world. They do extraordinary
work, and they deserve our respect and our gratitude. And it’s very disappointing to
see this ongoing campaign to undermine the integrity and honesty and professionalism
of an extraordinary organization like the FBI.»[embedyt][/embedyt]