Church Accuses Maduro of Imposing a Totalitarian Government

The Episcopal Conference of Venezuela yesterday blamed President Nicolas Maduro of trying to impose a «totalitarian government», said its President, Diego Padrón, at a press conference. Criticism by the Venezuelan Church occurs after more than two months of protests in the streets that have already left 39 dead.

What is happening «is very serious, both by the magnitude and the duration, the violence and the harmful consequences for our present and our future, said Padron, who referred to the «criminalization» of protesters in the street and the repression of human rights.

This condemnation of the chavista government arrives precisely when there is more speculation about the possibility of the Vatican mediating between the government and the opposition revolt.

Everything takes place a year after the death of Chávez. Padron refers to the growing polarization reigning in the country between opponents and supporters of the Chavez model maintained by President Maduro.

«We denounce the excessive torture and disproportionate repression against the protesters, that many detainees have been victims of and the prosecution of mayors and opponents to power. The government is wrong by trying to solve the crisis by force, repression is not the way» said and President of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference.