Chino y Nacho looking for «La Chica Ideal»

With their hands full, you could say the duo Chino y Nacho, started the year with a bunch of new projects, including the promotion of their first live album, which will be released late February which includes the single «My Ideal Girl», a song dedicated to their fans.

«The song is dedicated to those girls who have supported us since the beginning of our career. We do have many gentlemen fans, but we cannot deny that most of our audience is female, and we are grateful for their support and contributions made to our career, «says Nacho.

The Venezuelans, who seem to never lose their sense of humor, they also do not have any reservations about revealing the qualities they are looking for in a partner, among them is spirituality.
“In romance and personal taste, we have one thing in common Chino and I, is the girl should be objectivity, intelligence and have good values. I think we’ve known many beautiful women externally, but who they are inside will not match its exterior beauty. »

While finding the time to realize all these projects, Chino y Nacho are also preparing for the release of their own documentary, which will reveal unusual details to those fans who appreciate them.

«We had several cameras following us for several months and the human side of Chino y Nacho was captured, the backstage, the family time, a more spiritual level … at first it was uncomfortable, especially when we followed to the bathroom (Chino jokes), but then we accept the idea and the thing began to flow. »