Central Falls Purchases LED Streetlights

CENTRAL FALLS – Mayor James Diossa announced the purchase of 200 LED streetlights at a press conference on Wednesday. The lights will replace all streetlights on Dexter and Broad Streets, the two main throughways of the city.

An investment in the city’s infrastructure, the project had a total cost of $330,000 and has projected savings of around $50,000 per year. These energy efficient lights will better illuminate city streets, while saving money on the cost of electricity per year.

“Transitioning to LED lights on our streets is step towards a greener, more efficient Central Falls,” said Mayor James Diossa. “Not only will this investment save us money every year, it will also illuminate our streets better and create a higher sense of safety for our residents.”

The purchasing process for the lights was overseen by the Partnership for Rhode Island Streetlights Management (PRISM), who will also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the LED lights throughout the year. As of Wednesday, the new streetlights were being installed on Dexter and Broad Streets.

Mayor James Diossa highlighted the benefits of transitioning to LED lights at a press conference on Dexter Street, which include annual savings, more energy efficient lights, better quality lighting, more control of lighting levels, and increased sense of safety for pedestrians.