Central Falls Police kick-off hiring campaign

Department seeking the best and brightest eager to make a difference

CENTRAL FALLS – The Central Falls Police Department (CFPD) announced the start of a recruitment drive seeking to hire those eager to make a difference as part of a rewarding career path. Recruitment efforts will follow the recently revamped public safety hiring ordinance that aims to improve the diversity of its public safety staff. The ordinance, sponsored by City Council President Pro Temp Stephanie Gonzalez, mandates an aggressive advertising strategy in the community and gives preference to those who live in Central Falls, those who are veterans, and those who speak additional languages.

Candidates must be at least 18 and a U.S. citizen; have a valid driver’s license; have graduated from high school or have a GED; and have at least 60 college credits or a completed enlistment period in the U.S. Armed Forces, with an honorable discharge, or be able to document a minimum of one year full-time service in law enforcement.

“We are a progressive organization that is committed to serving our community; we therefore look only for the very best and the brightest to join our ranks,” said Colonel James J. Mendonca, Chief of Police. “Those who aspire to do something challenging and rewarding with their life; the pursuit of a career that offers job diversity, the opportunity for advancement and the gratification gained from helping others, are encouraged to apply”

In 2016, CFPD were awarded their state accreditation by the Rhode Island Police Accreditation Commission (RIPAC), which establishes professional policing standards that departments in the state can measure performance against. The department was just the 10th community in RI to achieve this distinction at the time of accreditation. CFPD has also implemented several “community policing” initiatives during 2016, including increased bike patrols and walking beats, creating a 3-person Community Services Unit (CSU) to take a hands-on approach to neighborhood crime and boosting police presence as participants at events in the community.

Successful applicants will attend the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy, which begins July 11, 2016. The written exam is scheduled for March 26, 2016; the physical agility and swim tests are set for April 10, 2016; and oral board exams have been tentatively scheduled for the fourth week of April. Completed applications must be in by noon on March 7, 2016; preliminary application forms can be filled out electronically at centralfallspolice.com.