Central Falls police host emotional awareness and cultural diversity training

CENTRAL FALLS – The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing has recommended training program standards and strategies that address changing police culture and organizational procedural justice issues (cops.usdoj.gov, 2015). To that end, the Central Falls Police Department is hosting Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement™ (RITE) «train-the-trainer» course November 17-18 at the Wyatt Detention Facility Training Center. “Racial Intelligence is the practice of using Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, and the RITE Tools, to treat ourselves and others fairly.” Basically this is «emotional intelligence» training coupled with «cultural diversity».

The training is designed to look at cultural diversity thru a new lens, improving implicit bias and improving communication in order to de-escalate high-pressure situations. The Racial Intelligence Training puts officer wellness at the front line – because when you help the officer become a better person, the profession follows.

RITE boasts that their teachings fall in line with the recommendations of the 21st Century Policing approach, which is why the Central Falls Police Department is taking the lead in hosting the training; the result of which we expect to benefit the officer and the agency by improving morale and accountability, as well as building community relations by enhancing community policing efforts which ultimately will build public trust.

The training program teaches an officer to constantly gauge their emotional state so they do not react in a negative manner to tense situations. Randy Friedman along with Linda Webb, the founders of RITE Academy, will be tasked with teaching those who attend this training to be aware of their emotions. Friedman asserts that the training focuses on what the officer feels so he or she can improve their reactions – the idea is to de-escalate situations – which in turn will reduce use of force incidents.

RITE Academy is state-accredited and nationally certified by IADLEST.