Central Falls Launches Ticket Amnesty Program

The Central Falls Police Department in conjunction with the Central Falls Municipal Court will provide the public with an amnesty period for any unpaid municipal citations and tickets.

The amnesty period will run from February 18th through April 15th 2014. 

During this time, any person who has an unpaid municipal ticket will be able to pay only the amount of the original fine.  All additional warrant fees or court costs that might have been incurred due to default or non-payment of the original fine WILL BE WAIVED during the amnesty period.

We urge the public to utilize this opportunity to arrange payments for outstanding city tickets or fines they have received.  After April 15, 2014, any unpaid citation will be subject to all additional fees and costs. The warrants will be reactivated and the recipients will be subject to any and all collection attempts to include enforcement efforts.

Payments can be made by mail or directly at the Central Falls Municipal Court Office located at the Police Department, 160 Illinois Street, Central   Falls, RI02863.

Any questions regarding the status of any municipal citations can be directed to the Central Falls Municipal Court at 401-616-2557.

Central Falls Police Department Violation Notice





This program is only for Central Falls Municipal Citations and does not include any State Citations or fines.

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