Central Falls Breaks Ground on Crossman Street Park

CENTRAL FALLS – Mayor James Diossa, alongside Council President Robert Ferri, Senator Elizabeth Crowley, and Representative Shelby Maldonado, broke ground on renovations to Crossman Street Park at a ceremony on Friday. Slated to be completed in April 2017, the renovations to the park will convert the old playground to an outdoor fitness park.

Construction for the park is currently underway and being done by Lucena Brothers, a Rhode Island-based site construction company.

The park, which has lacked lighting in the past, will have a lights system put in prior to its completion. There will also be a walking track installed, along with outdoor fitness equipment and a brand new playground.

“One of my priorities as mayor has been to make Central Falls a healthier community,” said Mayor Diossa. “This park will offer a space for residents to exercise whether it is by taking a walk around the track or with the brand new fitness equipment that will be installed.”

Diossa also thanked the Department of Environmental Management and Director Janet Coit for her support of this project.

Crossman Street Park adds to the renovation and creation of green spaces around Central Falls, which has been a priority for Mayor James Diossa’s administration.