Calma Carmona gives us a heads up of what her album is about «Girl On a Bridge»


With her ​​first album, «There’s No Other Girl» singer Calma Carmona accomplished much of what she wanted, but not all idealized. She gives life to her weakness for music, delineates unintentionally a strong, distinct style, loaded with Caribbean sound that classifies as «Latin Soul».

Her strong performances had led the attention of the big multinationals, but these “big names neither offer her anything nor did they offer to help move her music.

«With the last project I had many international approaches and by suggestions of my lawyer, we decided not take the offers because they were not good deals, they were big names, but they weren’t offering “what should be” or the way that we wanted».

«I have never tried to be different, or be eclectic, I have always tried to be me and keep faithful to who I am and what I enjoy. When one gets into the business, everyone in the world around is telling you how you are supposed to be, but one has to be really sure of oneself”.

«Girl on a Bridge is basically a metaphor, because with the last project I felt I did not cross the bridge and with this next project I hope to cross that bridge,» explains Carmona. «It represents my struggle to pursue my dream in a way it should, if it is with a record label or with the help of the people that support me locally, I’m crossing that bridge and moving forward.»

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