Caiozzo: Rhode Island Congressman Puts ‘DREAMers’ Above Disaster Relief, Tax Payers, and Our Military


WEST GREENWICH, RI–Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin recently voted against “no” on U.S. House Bill 4667, a vital bill that would expand $81 billion on disaster aid and expand farm subsidies to our agricultural industry. It eventually passed 251 to 169 in the U.S. House.

This comes following the Rhode Island Congressman’s reluctant vote in favor of ending the government shutdown, blaming the president and Republicans for reluctance of government funding.

“It saddens me to see my opponent voting against disaster relief victims and our farmers merely in the name of partisan politics,” said Sal Caiozzo, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress. “As representative to such an agricultural region, our representation in Washington needs to put needs of the region first.”

Similarly, Langevin’s statement following the vote to end the government shutdown was seen as equally partisan, as it solely blames The President and congressional Republicans for lack of budget negotiations – citing a lack of agreement on no funding for ‘DREAMers’.

“To see Rhode Island Congressman put ‘DREAMers’ on par with seniors, children, our military, and disaster relief victims shows how out-of-touch he is with his constituents,” Caiozzo said. “To push a party issue ahead of all tax payers is a neglect of duty as a member of congress.

Caiozzo goes on to say that immigration is and continues to be a complex and relevant issue in this election cycle, and that it cannot be negotiated with simple policies.

“Immigration is one of the most important issues our nation is dealing with today.” It is NO black-and-white issue and there are many people at stake – including tax-payers, business owners among many others,” Caiozzo says. “I support a bi-partisan plan that puts security first and ends chain migration – but also considers the many undocumented people living in the shadows currently. This Cannot happen with the one-party partisan delegation our state currently sends to D.C.”.