Business, Labor Leaders Say Gina Raimondo Is Best Candidate To Put Rhode Islanders Back To Work

PROVIDENCE, RI – Several Rhode Island business and labor leaders today announced their support for Gina Raimondo’s comprehensive jobs plan. With one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, the question Rhode Islanders are asking is which candidate is best suited to lead an economic comeback.
Today, leaders from academia, small business, food, labor, and major state employers answered:
“Innovation is the key to Rhode Island’s future. We can help our existing businesses grow, and create hundreds of new businesses, if we can harness the good ideas coming out of Rhode Island’s world-class colleges and universities. Gina’s jobs plan calls for a new institute to do exactly that, one that will help create thousands of new, high quality jobs.” — Mark Higgins, Dean of the College of Business, University of Rhode Island
«Gina’s jobs plan hits the nail on the head. I specifically like her ideas around supporting small businesses and startups. Far too often, state government feels like an adversary to business owners. Gina’s plans to streamline regulations and support business owners is exactly what we need for an economic turnaround.» — Sally Lapides President/CEO Residential Properties LTD
«Gina was an early champion of Rhode Island’s food industry. She understood before most how vital farmers markets are to local agriculture, food start-ups and community health. Her jobs plan and vision to brand Rhode Island the Silicon Valley of Food is fresh, optimistic and exciting — exactly what the state needs.» — Davide Dukcevich, DANIELE, INC
«Gina Raimondo’s jobs plan is going to get men and women across Rhode Island back to work. These have been some tough years for the building trades, and we are confident that Gina’s jobs plan will get people back to work and bring down our high unemployment rate. Her School Building Authority and her Municipal Infrastructure Bank are exactly the kinds of things Rhode Island needs to be doing. This is the most comprehensive jobs plan I have seen from a candidate for governor in Rhode Island.» — Roy Coulombe, Business Manager, Ironworkers
«Gina’s jobs plan is exactly what this state needs. I’ve worked with companies big and small, and I know what it takes to create jobs, and Gina does too. She’ll make sure state government isn’t an adversary to small business, and she’ll transform CCRI into an engine of workforce development. I’m sick of seeing so many young people leaving RI to find opportunities. Gina knows what we have to do and has the ability to get it done.» — Donald R. Sweitzer, Chairman of GTECH Corporation

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