After nearly four years of silence, Bebe has returned to the studio to record a  bunch of new songs under the watchful eye of Carlos Jean, the producer of her first two albums. The result is a re-encounter with the best version of Bebe, creative and intimate, sensual and sincere. Four years of intense experiences, getting her life in order, writing and composing. Four years that have already borne fruit in the form of song.

‘Respirar’ has been chosen as the advance single from ‘Cambio de piel’, the fourth album from the Extremaduran singer, which is scheduled for release in  October. It is a song that captures the singer-songwriter in all her splendour and one that perfectly embodies the new Bebe. A song that captivates and enchants, and whose instrumentation is simply exquisite, with her voice creating an evocative and enveloping atmosphere from which it is impossible to escape.

The video  ‘Respirar’ was shot in Seville with the assistance of the Juan Luis Malpartida Foundation, an entity which works to protect ecology, nature and animals. Hernan Zin has directed and produced this spectacular video.

‘Respirar’ was one of the first songs to take shape for the album ‘Cambio de piel’ and has all the ingredients to be a hit.