Baker-Polito Administration Presents Green Communities Designation Awards to North Shore Communities Essex and Saugus Receive $338,605 for Clean Energy Projects


SAUGUS – February 4, 2016 – The Baker-Polito Administration today awarded Green
Communities designation grants totaling $338,605 to Essex ($130,270) and Saugus
($208,335) to fund clean energy projects. These North Shore municipalities became
Green Communities in the ninth round of designations in December.

«Cities and towns across the state are progressing toward a clean, affordable and
resilient energy future for the Commonwealth,» said Governor Charlie Baker. «These
newest Green Communities will use their grants to reduce energy use, improve their
buildings, save money and help us meet our ambitious greenhouse emission reduction

«Green Communities designation grants are a highly effective way for the
Commonwealth to help cities and towns with important energy needs,» said Lieutenant
Governor Karyn Polito. «Our administration is pleased to partner with municipalities
so the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy can be enjoyed locally and

Under the Green Communities Act, cities and towns must meet five
to be designated a Green Community and receive funding. The grants provide financial
support for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that further the
designated communities’ clean energy goals. These two designees are now among 155
Green Communities,

cities and towns of all sizes that range from the Berkshires to Cape Cod and are
home to 54 percent of Massachusetts’ population.

«Green Communities are leading the way with clean energy projects that reduce their
energy use and greenhouse gas emissions,» said Energy and Environmental Affairs
Secretary Matthew Beaton. «The savings on their bottom line provide new funds for
other priorities, like schools and public safety.»

«The Department of Energy Resources is proud to work with every municipality to find
opportunities to save energy and reduce costs,» said Department of Energy Resources
Commissioner Judith Judson. «Our partnerships continue to expand, with more than
half of the Commonwealth’s population living in a designated Green Communities.»

All Green Communities commit to reducing municipal energy consumption by 20 percent
over five years. These commitments amount to collective savings of 2,153,992 MMBtu,
energy use equivalent to heating and powering nearly 17,000 homes, and reducing
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 203,538 tons, equivalent to taking almost 39,000
cars off the road.

«This is a great example of state and local government collaborating to improve the
quality of life for the residents of Saugus and the Commonwealth,» said Senator
Thomas M. McGee (D-Lynn). «This investment will allow the Town of Saugus to reduce
their energy consumption and costs, and to thoughtfully invest in energy efficient
projects in the future.»

«I want to thank the Baker-Polito administration for providing the Town of Saugus
with a Green Communities grant,» said Representative RoseLee Vincent (D-Revere).
«Through their generosity, the Town of Saugus will be able to use this funding to
work with the DOER to find clean energy solutions that will, over time, reduce
long-term energy costs and help the Town’s local economy.»

«I would like to thank the Baker-Polito Administration and Secretary Beaton for
designating the Town of Saugus as a Green Community,» said Representative Donald H.
Wong (R-Saugus). «This partnership will only help our town to find ways to reduce
energy consumption and invest in renewable energy projects.»

Funding for these grants is available through proceeds from carbon allowance
auctions under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Alternative
Compliance Payments (ACP) paid by retail electric suppliers that do not meet their
Renewable Portfolio Standard compliance obligations through the purchase of
Renewable Energy Certificates.