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Study: Sugary Drinks Increase ‘Deep’ Belly Fat

Sugary beverages can lead to increased “deep” belly fat, a particular kind of fat that increases the chances of developing diabetes or heart disease, according to a new study. Writing in its journal, Circulation, researchers from theAmerican Heart Association showed there is a “direct correlation” between sugary drinks and visceral fat among middle-aged adults. The […]Load more...

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New WHO Guidelines for Sugar Intake

The World Health Organization (WHO ) wants you to stop eating too much sugar. Based on new guidelines proposed this week, WHO is encouraging people to consume less than 5% of their total daily calories from sugars. Current guidelines from the organization, published in 2002, recommend consuming less than 10% of total daily calories from […]Load more...


Sugar and Its Link to Increased Heart Disease

There is a consensus among experts that the average US diet contains too much added sugar. In other words, added sugar is the kind that does not occur naturally and is introduced during food processing. A new study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine found that eating added sugar increased a person’s risk of dying […]Load more...