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Today In History: April 16 1917

On this date, Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia to take the reins of the Russian revolution. Although exiled in Siberia and Europe for his revolutionary activities, Vladimir Lenin was able to strengthen his Bolshevik Party through his oratory and literary skill. With Russia plunged into chaos by World War I and the abdication of Tsar Nicolás II, […]readmore

Este día en la historia

Today In History: March 27 1958

His political work was marked by Cold War episodes as critical as the Missile Crisis of 1962 On March 27, 1958 an important political change took place in the USSR. Nikita Khruschev was appointed President of the Council of Ministers, i.e. the head of the Government of the Soviet Union. The designation was held following […]readmore

Este día en la historia

Today In History: March 18 1965

Alexei Leonov became the first man to float in space  On March 18, 1965 one of the most important milestones in the race for the conquest of space took place. For the first time a man literally went for a walk into space. It was the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. Moscow television offered images of this first spacewalk […]readmore