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No rehab for Shia LaBeouf, just addiction treatment

The «I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE» actor of «Transformers» fame, Shia LaBeouf, is not going into rehab, but he is getting treatment for alcohol addiction, according to a statement by his representatives. LaBeouf ran into trouble with the law in New York last week when, police said, he lit a cigarette in a Broadway theater. […]Load more...


Robin Williams Checks Into Rehab For Continued Sobriety

Robin Williams is once again at a rehab facility, but a source closely connected to the actor said the visit is not because he is struggling with his sobriety. “This is not about him falling off the wagon,” a source told FOX411. “It’s like an educational and spiritual facility… It’s all very healthy.” According to […]Load more...


Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46: Actor had 70 bags

Philip Seymour Hoffman was living in house full of heroin. Seventy glassine envelopes of the drug were taken from the West Village apartment where the Oscar-winning actor was found dead with a needle in his arm, sources said. Some of the envelopes had the words «Ace of Spades» written on them, others were stamped with […]Load more...