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Trump Downplays Being Featured in Terrorist Recruitment Video

VOA News U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is dismissing his persona being featured in a recruitment video made by the Somali militant group al-Shabab. In the video, which was released Friday, Trump was shown at a campaign rally in the southern state of South Carolina last month reading a statement calling on the United States […]readmore


La mayoría en EE.UU. se opone a plan anti musulmán

VOA News Casi el 60 por ciento de los estadounidenses se oponen a la propuesta del candidato presidencial republicano Donald Trump de prohibir el ingreso de musulmanes a Estados Unidos, de acuerdo con una nueva encuesta de NBC News y el Wall Street Journal. El 57 por ciento de los adultos encuestados estuvo en desacuerdo […]readmore


Most in US Oppose Trump’s Call to Close Borders to

VOA News Nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from entering the United States, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Fifty-seven percent of all adults surveyed disagreed with Trump’s proposal, versus 25 percent who agreed. Among Republican Party members, however, Trump’s proposal won 42 […]readmore

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Bosnian Serbs Want to Follow Crimea’s Example

The Case of Crimea, and the ease with which it seems to have been resolved, spans other European territories who sympathize with Russia. The Serbian Republic of Bosnia – the so-called Republika Srpska-, forming one country with the region inhabited by Bosniak Muslims and Croats, as they establish the peace accords that ended the war (1992-1995) is […]readmore