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Rene Russo reveals lifelong battle with bipolar disorder

After years in television and film, Rene Russo confessed to struggling with lifelong bipolar disorder. «Bipolar medication,» the 60-year-old actress told Queen Latifah after the daytime talk show host asked her and fellow guest Jake Gyllenhaal to detail an obstacle they’ve had to overcome in their lives. «Yea I pretty much hit a wall and then my mom said my whole […]readmore


Just How Big is the Markup on Movie Theater Food?

We all know that movie-theater food is expensive: The concession stand employees should give you your large Coke before they ring it up, just so you can do a proper spit take when you hear the price. This is just a fact of life we have to accept, like sticky theater floors and shared-armrest jousting. […]readmore


Theater owners want shorter, later movie trailers

Ever sat through a lengthy movie trailer and felt you now had no need to see the movie it advertises? Or watched a trailer and felt eager to see the promised film, only to learn it won’t be out for another year? You’re not the only one to notice. The National Association of Theatre Owners, […]readmore