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US Efforts to Arm Syrian Rebels Suffer Setbacks

Meredith Buel U.S. efforts to provide weapons to moderate rebels in Syria are suffering setbacks as al-Qaida-linked militants force the collapse of mainstream insurgent groups fighting the Syrian military. Analysts say the developments underscore the risks of a new Pentagon program to train and equip moderate rebels. Recent gains in Syria by the al-Qaida affiliated […]readmore

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Kerry Travels to Israel Avoid Deterioration of Peace Talks

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry is conducting an unprogrammed visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories to try to prevent the collapse of peace talks. The last obstacle in the achievement of the talks occurred this weekend, when Israel failed to meet its promise of releasing Palestinian prisoners. Israel said it is still […]readmore

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Luxury Hotel Attacked In Kabul

Men armed with guns entered the Serena Hotel on Thursday in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. The five-star hotel, located near the Presidential Palace and other government offices, is very popular among foreigners. The police said that at least two shots were heard. Afghan special forces also entered the hotel, which is now surrounded by […]readmore

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Palestinians Fired More Than 20 Rockets Into Israel From Gaza

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired more than 20 rockets into southern Israel, the heaviest bombardment since 2012. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to respond «strongly». The attack comes a day after an Israeli air raid on Gaza that killed three members of the Islamic Jihad militant group. The group said it fired the rockets […]readmore