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Today In History: March 20 1727

Death of Isaac Newton His enormous prestige earned him the title of Sir and upon his death receiving State honors. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. On March 20, 1727 died the scientist whose theories marked the path of physics to the relativity of Einstein, Isaac Newton. In 1661 he joined Trinity College, Cambridge, where his main mentor would be the mathematician Isaac Barrow. Encouraged by him and by the ideas of Galileo, Kepler and Descartes Newton was given to the study of mathematics. In 1666 his findings revolutionised the world of science: he invented infinitesimal calculus (whose discovery was disputed with Leibniz),…
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Happy PI Day!

Today the world celebrates a rare event: PI Day, an invention of an American scientist to commemorate mathematical science, which has gained some importance to the point such that the search engine Google has decided to modify - as in other opportunities - their logo in honor of the date. PI day was officially declared last year in the United States and the March 14 selection is due to the way that American culture describes the calendar: 3/14 - month, in this case March, registers first - to coincide with the mathematical expression , which indicates the radius of the…
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