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Courtesy of NBC News - Suzanne Gamboa As part of our NBC Latino Political Profiles series we are featuring Hispanics who are in elected office or are running or actively involved in local, state or national races. WASHINGTON, DC -- A few months after taking office, Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea learned that the driver's license office was refusing to transfer the licenses of drivers who moved to the state from Puerto Rico. Officials said they couldn't verify the licenses because they couldn't access Puerto Rico's driver's license database, as they could for states. Gorbea, who was born in…
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Black And Latino Children Have More Health Problems Than Whites

Black and Latino schoolchildren in the United States have "substantial inequalities" in their health compared with whites, according to a study published today in the magazine ' New England Journal of Medicine'. The research, funded by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, led at Children's Hospital in Boston, and focused on the socio-economic conditions and health risks of children in the fifth school year in different regions of the country. The study found that the children of all ethnic groups have better health if their parents have higher education and higher income, or if they have had the advantage of attending certain schools. Although white…
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