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Utah: Apoyan a estadounidense detenido en Venezuela

Laurie Holt señaló que su hijo fue acusado por error, ha perdido peso y enfermó desde que lo encarcelaron el 30 de junio. Más de 100 personas en Salt Lake City efectuaron una manifestación en apoyo a la familia de un estadounidense encarcelado en Venezuela. La multitud se reunió frente al Capitolio del estado de […]Load more...

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Going After Terrorists Online, White House Meets With US Tech

Molly McKitterick Fighting the battle against terrorism on the Internet, the White House and its top law enforcement officials met Friday with the nation’s biggest technology companies in San Jose, California. The list of government participants reveals just how seriously the Obama administration is taking the threat posed by Islamic State and others on social […]Load more...

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18% of Internet User Have Fallen Victim to Data Theft

18% of users of Internet in the United States has been the victim of theft of important information, e.g. of bank accounts, and this problem seems to be increasing, according to a research published Monday. The study conducted in January by the Pew Research Center shows a strong increase of thefts of information in mid-2013, when 11% of […]Load more...