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Search For MH370 Intensifies With Mini-submarine

Malaysia’s Transport Minister said Thursday that they will intensify the search with a mini-submarine for the defunct Malaysia Airlines aircraft. The autonomous underwater vehicle Bluefin-21 that tracks the depths on the part of the Indian Ocean in search of the aircraft that disappeared March 8 conducted its first successful exploration. Two previous missions had to […]Load more...

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Possible Malaysia Airlines Debris Detected

The Minister of Defense and Transportation of Malaysia, Hishammuddin Hussein, confirmed yesterday that the search for Malaysia Airlines MH370 is concentrated in the Indian Ocean, where they have sighted possible wreckage of the missing plane. Hussein, announced this Wednesday that 122 objects which could correspond to the aircraft Boeing 777-200ER from Malaysia Airlines which disappeared March 8 with […]Load more...

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Australian Authorities Suspend Search For the Day Of MH370

The search for debris in the Indian Ocean of defunct Malaysia Airlines aircraft was suspended on Thursday. The authority of Australian Maritime Safety (AMSA) said that operations will continue on Friday morning. Australian authorities had seen via satellite two objects that could belong to the plane, which disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on […]Load more...