Two Arrested Accused Of Heroin Trafficking

Rhode Island - Rhode Island State Police announced the arrest of two men from Massachusetts for heroin trafficking. Gary Couto of Somerset and Steven M. Bush of Fall River were arrested during a  vehicle stop on Interstate 95 in East Providence. There a police dog detected drugs in the vehichle. Police said they found and seized 200 sachets with heroin.  
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Heroin Overdose Deaths Are A Public Safety Issue, Eric Holder

Concerned about the increase in heroin overdose deaths , Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, called for increased efforts to fight what he considered an "urgent public health crisis." In a video released Monday, Holder said the increased efforts include not only law enforcement, but also treatment and efforts to keep people away from the deadly drug . "It is clear that opium addiction is urgent - and - growing public health crisis. Which is why the authorities of the Department of Justice and other local leaders, state and federal code, are fighting it aggressively" Holder said, adding…
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