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Scottish Independence Would ‘Weaken’ National Security

The promoters of the Scottish independence referendum, as enthusiasts of the so-called right to decide in other latitudes, usually put the emphasis of their political literature in the epic of victimhood and the poetry of a new dawn. But at the Govan Shipyard, located on The River Clyde in Edinburgh, the referendum scheduled for September 18 generates fear and […]readmore

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Today In History: April 15 1912

The Titanic sinks On this date, the luxurious ocean liner R.M.S. Titanic sank just two hours after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. When it had previously left the port of Southampton, England, behind the Titanic had just managed to escape a collision with the moored liners SS City of New York and Oceanic. The ship, carrying 2,200 passengers and crew, was considered […]readmore

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Today In History: March 20 1727

Death of Isaac Newton His enormous prestige earned him the title of Sir and upon his death receiving State honors. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. On March 20, 1727 died the scientist whose theories marked the path of physics to the relativity of Einstein, Isaac Newton. In 1661 he joined Trinity College, Cambridge, where his […]readmore

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Looking For Child Abuser In Relation To The Case of

British police are investigating the whereabouts of a man who abused five girls in Portugal between 2004 and 2006, in relation to the disappearance of three-year Madeleine McCann in 2007. Detectives say that the attacks took place in the holiday residences of British families in Algarve. The man, who is said to have tanned skin […]readmore

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Princess Diana Leaked Information To The Press

The late Princess Diana of Wales handed her personal confidential phone book to a tabloid because she wanted to «charge» against her then husband, Prince Charles, the heir to the British Throne, according to testimony presented in a London Court by Clive Goodman, former editor of the tabloid News of the World. Goodman, who made […]readmore


Doctors Reconstruct A Face Using a 3D Printer

A British man whose face was severely injured in a motorcycle accident underwent facial reconstruction surgery made ​​using three-dimensional printer parts. Stephen Power, 29, has become the first person to be operated with this technology . Power two years ago had an accident with his motorcycle and although wearing a helmet, the upper jaw, nose, […]readmore