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US Noticias

US Detains 121 Illegal Immigrants for Deportation

VOA News January 04, 2016 U.S. officials say immigration authorities have taken 121 people into custody since Friday, in the first raids targeting the deportation of families who have entered the United States illegally since May 2014. Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson said the detainees were taken into custody in the states of Texas, Georgia […]readmore

Noticias del mundo

Haitian-Dominican Fight Over Deportation Hits US

The fight against the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic has moved to the United States, where 600,000 Haitian immigrants and more than one million Dominicans live. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose constituents include over 135,000 Haitians and 500,000 Dominicans, described the threat of deportation of […]readmore

US Noticias

Obama Orders Review of Deportation Practices

President Barack Obama has ordered a review of the practices of deportation in the country to see if the application of the Immigration Act can be «more humane», informed the White House. The President met Thursday with leaders of the Group of the Congressional Hispanic to discuss efforts to revise the U.S. immigration system. Obama […]readmore


White House weighs petition to deport Justin Bieber

Washington (AFP) – As if Barack Obama didn’t have enough problems to deal with already, his administration now is being asked to weigh in on the grave matter of Justin Bieber’s bad behavior. By midday Wednesday (1700 GMT), a petition on the White House website calling for the deportation of the Canadian-born teen idol had […]readmore