Rene Russo reveals lifelong battle with bipolar disorder

After years in television and film, Rene Russo confessed to struggling with lifelong bipolar disorder. "Bipolar medication," the 60-year-old actress told Queen Latifah after the daytime talk show host asked her and fellow guest Jake Gyllenhaal to detail an obstacle they've had to overcome in their lives. "Yea I pretty much hit a wall and then my mom said my whole childhood, 'You're stop and go,'" she confessed about battling the disorder since her early years. "That was it for me." Russo, who appears on "The Queen Latifah Show" in an episode set to air Oct. 30, was there promoting her new film "Nightcrawler" and ended…
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Traumatic Experiences Can Be Inherited From Parent to Child

Can a traumatic experience, or any change in our lifestyle be transmitted genetically to our children? This phenomenon, called Epigenetic inheritance has been linked in a multitude of diseases, from obesity to psychiatric problems like bipolar disorder where there is a gene that is clearly identified. But up to this date, no mechanism by which this occurs has been identified. A team of scientists from the Institute of Brain Research at the University of Zurich Switzerland, offer the key in the magazine "Nature Neuroscience". Their work suggests that the environment leaves traces in the brain, organs and also in the gametes. And that it is through small fragments of RNA of…
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