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Search For MH370 Intensifies With Mini-submarine

Malaysia’s Transport Minister said Thursday that they will intensify the search with a mini-submarine for the defunct Malaysia Airlines aircraft. The autonomous underwater vehicle Bluefin-21 that tracks the depths on the part of the Indian Ocean in search of the aircraft that disappeared March 8 conducted its first successful exploration. Two previous missions had to […]readmore

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Family Heard The Last Communication From Missing Plane

Relatives of the 154 Chinese passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared last Friday heard the communication of aircraft pilots with air traffic controllers in Malaysia and Vietnam before the disappearance of the aircraft. The family gathered in a hotle in Beijing demanding to hear the dialogue that developed in the cabin before […]readmore

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Malaysia Airlines Flight Changed Its Route

Malaysia Airlines plane turned west, deviating from its planned route, before disappearing, according to information of a military radar, said the Malaysian Air Force. The flight MH370 disappeared on Saturday with 239 people on board while covering the route between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing an hour after takeoff. Meanwhile, two Iranian citizens, ages 19 and […]readmore