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Woman Arrested In Utah After Corpses of Seven Babies Found

Police in the state of Utah have arrested a woman after having found in her former home the corpses of seven babies that were hidden in cardboard boxes. Megan Huntsman, a 39 year old woman, has been detained in Pleasant Grove after this macabre discovery at the house in which she lived until 2011, according to police sources. […]Load more...


Being Born Small or Premature Can Lead to Infertility

It is increasingly clear that fetal development influences subsequent life events. Since the cardiovascular risk to the possibilities of developing different diseases may be influenced by what has been experienced in the womb or shortly after leaving it. Now, a study published in the journal BMJ Open, shows that the physical characteristics of girls at […]Load more...


Older Men Are Linked to Diseases In Children

A wide variety of diseases and psychological disorders in school-age children are linked to the fact that they are children of older men. So says an extensive joint investigation by Indiana University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden where 2.6 million people were studied. The researchers noted that these diseases are caused by mutations in […]Load more...