Study Shows Why Heavy Drinkers Often Smoke

VOA News October 29, 2015 2:03 PM For many, drinking alcohol and smoking go together well, but new research may finally show why. Writing in the Journal of Neurochemistry, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine found that nicotine “cancels out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol.” Previous research has shown that more than 85 percent of alcohol-dependent American adults were also dependent on nicotine. “We know that many people who drink alcohol also use nicotine, but we don’t know why exactly that is,” saidMahesh Thakkar, PhD, associate professor and director of research in the MU School of Medicine’s Department of…
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World News

Kerry: Vienna Talks Best Chance to End Syria’s ‘Nonstop Horror’

Pamela Dockins Last updated on: October 29, 2015 10:18 AM VIENNA— Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting separately with his Iranian and Russian counterparts in Vienna Thursday, ahead of international talks on Syria that the top diplomat has called the "most promising" opportunity in years to end the country's "nonstop horror."In addition to one-on-one talks with Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif and Russia's Sergei Lavrov, Kerry is taking part in informal talks Thursday on Syria with senior diplomats from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the EU. On Friday, the meetings will expand to include representatives from other nations. The talks…
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