Providence Mayoral candidate Dianne “Dee Dee” Witman called the closure of the Nordstrom store at the Providence Place Mall “another hit to the City of Providence.”


Nordstrom, which has served as an anchor tenant for the mall since 1999 will close its Providence location following the holiday season. Once the only Nordstrom location in New England, the iconic store was a destination for travelers coming to the capital city.


“Nordstrom’s closure shows the lack of attention this administration is paying to businesses across the city,” said Witman. “Retailers cannot thrive in the business climate created by our Mayor.”


Witman also pointed to the shooting of a teenager directly outside the Nordstrom location as evidence that increased crime in the city is beginning to affect tourism and the revenues that come from families shopping and dining in the city.


“If people don’t feel safe visiting our malls or walking through our city, our businesses are the ones who ultimately lose out,” said Witman. “As Mayor, I will take proactive steps to show that Providence is safe and open for business.”


Witman says these actions would include increased foot patrols by city police at the mall and other prominent locations in the city.