State Representative Robert B. Lancia (District 16 Cranston) continues to call for the State to end the unfair taxation of items used in funeral rituals, despite the unwarranted refusal of House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello to allow passage of Lancia’s bipartisan bill.


“This is yet one more example of unfairly taxing the people of this state,” said Lancia.  “Unnecessary taxes should absolutely not be an issue for grieving families!”


During this year’s legislative session Rep. Lancia introduced H-8314to add items like urns and prayer cards to the list of already-exempted items like coffins, caskets, and burial garments.


Although a Senate version of the bill passed without issue, House leadership blocked Rep. Lancia’s legislation from ever being brought before the House for a vote.


Lancia pledges that when he is re-elected, he will push back as necessary to end the tax on these items permanently.


“I was outraged with the General Assembly for not exempting these items butI am not surprised,” Lancia said. “This is yet another example of an unnecessary tax burden that could easily be lifted off of Rhode Islanders but still remains because of partisan gridlock.”