(Warwick, RI) – Independent candidate for Rhode Island governor JoeTrillo is outraged that a man found
guilty of abusing over 100 animals received a penalty of only $200.00.

Recently, 59 year old Carlos Alves of Exeter, was convicted of animal cruelty for keeping over 100 animals
on his property in deplorable condition, including starving dogs and puppies, goats, rabbits, ducks,
chickens, and roosters, but the judge sentenced him to only probation and $200 in fines. According to the
RI SPCA who conducted an investigation on the property, investigators also found dead animal carcasses,
which had been burned in containers and left out in the open.

“This is one of those stories that sickened me. There are few things more heinous than intentionally
hurting a defenseless animal, unable to escape its owner. Anyone who can and does willfully abuse or
neglect the basic needs of any animal should face the harshest punishment possible. I am very
disappointed in this verdict. I’ve been on this issue for many years, and I feel it’s not getting significantly
better,” said Trillo.

“Rhode Island has good animal rights legislation on the books, but the minimum penalties for torturing an
animal are not stiff enough. I feel, if you torture an animal, the law needs to change to make it a felony. I
propose a minor convicted of abusing an animal go to the juvenile correctional facility for 7 days as a
minimum for a first offense. Anyone over the age of eighteen years old should go to jail for 14 days for a
first offense. Any person found guilty of abusing an animal after their first offense, should face a
minimum of a $10,000.00 fine or a mandatory prison sentence of one to five years. I want judges in the
state of Rhode Island to have no choice but to enforce laws that have been drafted to truly prevent animal
cruelty,” he added.

Dr. Ernie Finnocchio, Executive Director of the RI SPCA is also upset with the verdict, stating, “The RI
SPCA feels Mr. Alves’ sentencing is laughable, and not a deterrent for anyone abusing or killing an
animal. After a full investigation, which revealed the deplorable conditions in which these animals were
living, for this man to receive a $200.00 fine, is an insult. The court could have delivered a much stiffer
fine, but didn’t. Those of us who love animals are very disappointed.”